Perception Face

Your portal of exclusive experiences

We're minting the world's biggest names in sports, music, TV, comics and design brands.

All Perception Passes are unique and holding one grants you utility in each PERCEPTION FACE experiences in various forms.

MVP Pass

Three Levels

Each Perception Pass represents a unique identity within PERCEPTION FACE and grants you utility in all of our ecosystem partnerships like...

  • Access to our Whitelists

  • VIP access to music, football and other events

  • Exclusive access to meet & greets

  • Exclusive access to networking events

  • Perception Metaverse welcome gift pack

  • Access to family clubs

  • Discounts



The MVP Pass is the highest value pass and most exclusive club on our platform, which also grants you secured access to all future drops presale at a 20% discount. To purchase one you have to either receive an invitation from The Team or get selected from the MVP List application form..

The Founder Pass is the light version of the MVP Pass. Founder Passes do not secure you access to future drops presale but gives you a chance. These will be later sold with unlimited supply for 24h, and no Founder Passes will be sold ever again.

The Club Pass will be given for free to you after purchasing a Club collectible. This will allow you to connect to the Club related to your collectible to access it and live physical and virtual exclusive experiences!

By storing these assets in the blockchain network, we can verify its authenticity, facilitate interoperability with other platforms, as well as making it transferable: you can buy it, sell it and send it - because it's yours.

A mystery box is a digital surprise box, like the traditional card packs opening, where the content inside said box is randomly assigned.

Ethereum Blockchain Network.

They will be stored in the virtual wallet associated to your Perception Face account. You can see them on your Profile.

Credit Card or Crypto Currency (MATIC and ETH).

Yes, every collection will have a limited supply.