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June 1, 2022  • 

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Music stars have always been considered unreachable personalities, since, their fame, their artistic career and their wide security; make any fans' approach difficult.

In other cases, this distance is even more frustrating for fans, especially when geographical barriers impose themselves and make it impossible to attend a concert or an event performed by our favorite musical artist when they performs in other countries.

The above is what we have proposed to change in Perception Face metaverse, because from Meta Music we have the Web 3.0 that brings you closer than ever before to your favorite music artists and celebrities at your disposal.

Music Artists Also Benefit from Perception Face Metaverse

On the other hand, artists also need to be next to their fans to share their music and to grow in the music market, therefore, Perception Face's proposal is to centralize from Meta Music, everything related to the musical world, regardless of the record label to which the artist belongs. We will create a world where musicians and their fans will be close.

The possibilities of an artist in the metaverse are multiple and much broader than the possibilities they can have in real life, because here musicians can build buildings, and their fans can enter them and access their different spaces.

Music artists will be able to create tickets to their history museum. They will be able to have download options for their albums or singles. They will be able to access a varied range of digital merchandising and make live presentations.

This generates a great possibility of growth, expansion and dissemination of the content created by the artist and a direct interaction link with their fans. These direct links extend to numerous forms of contact with music personalities at virtual events such as concerts, fan meetings, Q&A, and to obtain NFTs, unique products from the music artist and much more.

Musicians and Their Influence on the NFTs Market

On the other hand, nowadays, different music celebrities have become influencers of the non-fungible token market.

Artists like never before are participating in a different market that is different from the common investments in which we are accustomed to seeing them perform. It is common for an artist to participate in the fashion, perfume, and television and film business; but now more than ever, they have decided to break ground on NFTs, involving their personal or commercial brands in digital art.

In this way, they have become true influencers that generate trends in the market, producing NFTs ranging from abstract art to a simple photograph.

At Meta Music you Don't just Buy NFTs but you Also Live the Complete Music Experience

Perception Face's proposal is that all those people who buy an NFT on our platform can access our metaverse and according to their participation in it, they can enter the artists' buildings.

In turn, artists will be able to create their own collections and market them, thus giving them benefit to their NFTs, since they can include downloadable unique music pieces, making this market a unique opportunity to acquire exclusive products that can only be accessed by those who participate in the purchase of non-fungible tokens from Perception Face.

Likewise, in Meta Music users will enjoy unique events, exclusive concerts for platform users, conversations with artists, special meetings and full access to any other product that the artist commercializes in their building.

Music NFTs as an Investment Alternative

The investments of music artists' money in restaurants or fashion has been decreasing, while, the investment and transaction volume of music celebrities in NFTs is growing uncontrollably.

Knowing this interest from music artists, Perception Face created this city, as investment in NFTs has become a revolutionary tool for independent musicians and established artists. This happens, because non-fungible tokens are the future of art and their marketing prices are very high, which represents a financial and an investment attraction for fans and collectors, as well as for musicians themselves.

In Meta Music, you will enter a world dedicated to the biggest music stars, where you can enjoy unique activities and experiences that only Web 3.0 can offer