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PerceptionTicket - Platform for the secondary ticket market using Blockchain technology

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January 23, 2023  • 

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PerceptionTicket is an online secondary market for purchase and sale of tickets that seeks to define a new standard of security, response quality, ease of use and user reward, thanks to the application of blockchain technology and backed by experts in the production of large-scale global events.

This project is part of the technological services portfolio of Perception Face, a company that was born with the aim of improving the classic production processes and standards of technological development and digital services, applying the virtues that 3.0 can offer in matters of transparency, security, speed of response and adaptability.

PerceptionTicket is in a beta state, paving the way to launch in the first half of 2023 with a phase of technical testing, supported by pilot programs with music artists with a global reach and serving as the only official and licensed service for secondary sales. of tickets.

It is important to highlight that, prior to the announcement of the project, Perception Face worked during 2022 to establish support platforms for this project, in order to deepen the value offer for both companies and the final buyer.

One of these platforms is the digital assets marketplace, a transactional portal where digital collections belonging to artists or big names in entertainment are hosted, to offer greater value associated with the ticket of an activity or event.

An example of this is the collection alluding to David Bisbal's 20th anniversary concert, held in September of last year, where users could claim and store a digital asset purchased for free with the purchase of their ticket, a digital file which makes creditors to more benefits in the following events of the artist, at the same time that it represents a limited collectible allusive to the celebration.

With initiatives like these, PerceptionTicket seeks to make a difference within the market, always offering additional value that increases the appreciation of the public for the investment in a ticket, which, in turn, promotes the foundations of a culture of loyalty and customer reward that It will evolve as new stages of the project are activated.

The goal of this first stage of testing is to have an online application that is robust enough to solve the administrative and control problems associated with the secondary reseller market for music event organizers, record labels, and personalities.

In future stages, the application will expand to host events of different kinds such as sports, culture, networking and more, while functionalities will be activated that will allow offering a service enriched by the virtues of block technology and processes adapted to the needs of each type of user.

With a project of this magnitude, Perception Face seeks to redefine the reselling experience within an environment that is easy to use but powerful in scope and tools for companies and users alike, defining a quality service and transparency that will define PerceptionTicket in the future. close as the preferred solution of the big names in the music and entertainment sector.

In the following months, more details will be revealed about the activation dates of the platform, the first events available, the next stages of development and the objectives to be followed for this innovative tool.