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June 1, 2022  • 

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NFTs is the digital art that is revolutionizing the world. On the other hand, art is a concept that moves many people, connects various causes and encourages the investment of high sums of money and multiple transactions. This is where our vision at Perception Face comes from, because by making innovative art to revolutionize Web 3.0 we also manage to address and solve social problems create communities willing to do so and achieve a real interaction between them, and have a high impact on society.

We have developed a social marketplace that allows buying and selling NFTs as our main project, we. As well, we generate an interaction never seen before between people within our platform through innovative services and products, which are also made to be easily used, since its operation is executed through processes that ensure that the technological transition is simple, inclusive and accessible.

Perception Face Has an In-House Art Agency at Everyone's Disposal

Our in-house art agency specializes in the NFT art pieces conceptualization, design and production, which are of the highest professional and creative level. In this way, we seek to become the leading NFT platform built on an intelligent algorithm that allows people to connect and feel Perception Face as a brand that creates, markets and generates an emotional connection between users through our own projects.

Perception Face has a large creative group that has developed The Foundry, made up of different groups of NFTs which we explain below.

Lore Art, The New Vision of Digital Comics

Here we create collections of different NFTs characters, just like a comic, therefore, when you buy one of these NFTs, you will be able to download a story, the background of the characters, know the universe to which they belong, its laws and the characteristics of each one.

This Lore also give the buyer the possibility to enter the voting process of the collections to choose the most interesting ones. This will allow us to select the characters that can transcend to a larger project such as a video game or an animated series, so we will know which concept works best as a brand to develop it.

With Lore Art as NFTs, we present these original characters, with a great production and high design quality. Each Lore collection will represent a concept and this is the benefit of the NFTs, since the Lore is not just a fungible token, but it offers an early access to bigger projects that PercepcionFace has planned.

Art Museum, the Artists' NFTs

These NFTs are inspired by personalities such as art, music and sports celebrities. In this way, celebrities will be able to create collections of personal NFTs or of any concept, and our creative and artistic team are the ones who will concentrate on developing it and making these non-fungible tokens a reality.

In addition, these collections must also be charitable to social causes, so, with the purchase of the same, a contribution will be granted to an NGO or a donation will be done to a cause determined by the celebrity.

Therefore, this is the best way for artists to have socially meaningful NFTs, created by the Perception Face universe, and it will be marketed on our platform. In turn, they will be present in the metaverse and on our social network.

Art Concept, the Independent NFT Collections

These are the most open NFTs collections. It is freer and it is not subject to a multi-character concept or an artist, instead they are collections with their own concept. Therefore, their visual and creative level are independent.
Each collection has a narrative thread that links each one to the other, although they maintain their individual concept, so they have a high level of production.
These designs also have their benefit, which starts from their link to a social cause, and the buyer selects this social cause. Therefore, Perception Face offers a long list of NGOs where the non-fungible token acquirer will be able to choose which specific social cause to support.

For our Launch, We Will Have A Mystery Box

The Mystery Box is our Founder's Package, which will be available exclusively at our launch, and it includes exclusive access to non-fungible tokens from five different collections.

In turn, we are giving our first participants early access to the Perception Face Social MarketPlace. On the other hand, those who purchase the mystery box will have the opportunity to have a random collection and to find NFTs rarities. They will also be able to vote on the Lore Art collections.

As you can see, we offer a universe of solutions in NFTs through innovative experiences, where you can connect with people from all over the world in safe, interactive and customizable spaces from our Perception Face website or app