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June 1, 2022  • 

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Virtual reality and the creation of alternate universes has changed the way we see the world and the way we humans interact with our peers. In turn, these new worlds that have emerged manage to conglomerate a group of inhabitants who share interests, preferences and tastes, turning these places into perfect spaces not only to have a different life but also, to creating a real-life extension. This is what Hope City is all about.

Virtual cities, like real cities, create a social coexistence system where there is a products exchange, and an active and varied economic life.

In addition, under this concept of virtual city, we have created Hope City, this is the city of the Perception Face metaverse, which is inspired by our own art collections and NFT Lore.

The best thing about this city is that it is not a unique vision of Perception Face, but it will be an initiative built with the help of the users themselves as a symbol of all the positive aspects that Blockchain can offer.

Thanks to the blockchain, buildings will be built where users will be able to interact, get to know each other, value the NFTs art, enjoy these works of art and plan their next actions to grow in this city.

Hope City Creates Unique Connections and Experiences

Our metaverse's vision, especially with Hope City, focuses on connecting people from all over the world in safe, interactive and customizable spaces, where their preference or interest in NFTs allows them to meet and enjoy innovative experiences surrounded by lots of art.

These connections guarantee the possibility of conducting business within these virtual universes and interacting with influential personalities in the NFTs market, thus preparing users for a not-too-distant future where blockchain-driven transactions and virtual interactions will be the most common forms of communication, and it will have real-life impact.

Paving the Way for New Generations

Hope City is preparing the way for today's youth, since it is common for them to be in different worlds, in fact, the life of a child today takes place in the metaverse and they are training to live longer in them, even to work and provide services in this virtual reality.

With our virtual city in Hope City, we want to adapt our users to the new ways of life and communication. In this case, it is a universe full of art-based productions with distinctive rarities that tell their own stories that will be offered as digital comics, which will allow the creation of physical consumable objects, which are ideal for collectors.

On theother hand, in Hope City you will have access to the services of Perception Face where we help you to produce your own NFT collections. We offer you a space to commercialize them, as well as to show them off, display them, make them public and learn about the latest market trends, which will allow you to make wise decisions in this business.

Art and Entertainment are Guaranteed in Hope City

We have NFT artists producing collections in our different categories: Lore, Museum and Art Concept. These categories are available in Hope City, our city based on 3.0 technology that in addition to showing high quality art, it will allow our users have fun.

The idea is that in this city you will find games, challenges and a fun way of interaction that will create a real community of people interested in the issues related to NFTs. Moreover, this community will communicate, learn and act consciously in the investments of non-fungible tokens.

A City that Will Solve Real Social Problems

Hope City will also address social issues and create a community willing to do so.

Therefore, we go beyond the development of a social marketplace that allows buying and selling NFT. In Perception Face, we will also create spaces to interact with other people within our platform through innovative services and products, through a technological process of simple execution for users, where they can participate in charitable causes for various kinds NGOs.

It should be noted, that support for the resolution of social problems would be immediately delivered, since every donation you make by purchasing a NFTs on our platform or from Hope City will be delivered immediately to the NGO that the user selects. There is no waiting time for the contribution settlement.

There is no doubt that Hope City is a virtual experience where many will want to live