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David Bisbal 20th Anniversary Collection

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November 9, 2022  • 

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Perception Face is pleased to announce the collection in collaboration with Spanish artist David Bisbal in celebration of his 20-year musical career.⁠ David Bisbal has an award-winning musical career that has taken him around the world, making him one of the most successful and admired Europeans of the last 20 years.⁠

Expanding Experiences

This collaboration aims to bring a new and unique experience to all fans who will attend the anniversary concert to be held in the city of Almería, Spain, on November 19, 2022. Fans who bought their ticket to attend the event receive automatically a code with which they can claim a commemorative NFT for this anniversary.

This NFT is part of a gift pack, complete with a commemorative lanyard. The pair of items has different designs that will be assigned randomly at the time of claiming it.

With this NFT, fans will have in their possession a key to future digital activities within the metaverse, in spaces designed exclusively for world-class artists like David Bisbal to interact with their fans in a more intimate and fun way.

In future dates we will be announcing more news about this collaboration between Perception Face and David Bisbal, since together we are preparing much more surprises in the digital world.

Crossing Digital Borders

With this collection it is shown that the use of NFTs can help increase the enrichment of experiences for the benefit of users, in this case giving away a lasting memory over time for all their followers.⁠

David Bisbal has always stood out for the personal connection with his fan base, which has always motivated him to find new ways to connect with them and show his deep appreciation for their constant support and this collection is a way to create new bonds thanks to the innovation of technology and the power of the blockchain to generate security and transparency in usability.⁠

If you want to know more about David Bisbal's 20th anniversary experience, you can visit the official page of the event: