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June 1, 2022  • 

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NFTs burst the digital market and generated a great stir, not only as digital assets but also as collectible works of art, which has made artists, celebrities, prominent entrepreneurs worldwide and passionate collectors invest in non-fungible tokens. This has generated the need to create websites where NFTs can be traded, that is, buying and selling NFTs, though, the blockchain intended for storage and handling.

However, the NFTs marketplace has not yet met the expectations of users, because although these new digital assets are marketed there, their transactions are typical of any marketplace that offers current products, but we must be clear, an NFT is nothing ordinary.

Then, why keep doing things the traditional way? Why turn extraordinary into ordinary? Why does buying and selling NFTs have to be like marketing any product? This needs to change.

Although the fact that their transactions are protected by the blockchain, it is necessary to insert security into NFTs trading activities. This along with the fact that the blokchain allows to keep a record and track the transaction and that today it is the most transparent way of handling digital assets, it is still unfair for investors to handle a non-fungible digital asset in a simple marketplace with no benefit.

Hence, the idea of Perception Face to have a website and an app, which have revolutionized the way of trading digital art, breaking barriers and creating a new way of buying and selling NFTs generating a community with social sense.

NFTs Deserve More Than a Marketplace

Transacting with NFTs as if they were clothes or shoes is not Perception Face's vision, on the contrary, we know the effort that artists make to create these unique pieces, so we have decided to break the mold and enhance our marketplace when buying and selling NFTs with a social network.

We want to break the paradigm that NFTs are only speculative objects and set a precedent, where we demonstrate how these digital assets can affect real life.

This is how Perception Face is a project based on a Social MarketPlace, our market is an open tool for buying and selling NFTs, which also has functionalities to sell, to buy, to place prices, to allow forms of sale, and to freely and transparently make digital art transactions, as well as to interact in one's own social network.

Buying and Selling NFTs on Perception Face Will Allow You to Make New Friends

Our market is accompanied by an internal social network, here the users of the page will be able to interact, make friends, give likes to the NFTs, have a view to show the NFTs they have bought, create a list of the NFTs they want to buy or the ones they like the most.

In addition, they will be able to save their favorite NFTs, place emoticons on other members of the social network NFTs and even share the publications in the Perception Face social network with other social networks that the user manages.

This way, you can advertise the NFT purchased, show off your taste in art, show off the pieces purchased and generate multiple conversations about the NFTs. In turn, you will have first-line information from interacting investors, which will surely be of great help to make purchase or sale decisions in our marketplace.

Likewise, this social network will be the ideal meeting point for people who want to venture into the NFTs market. This is because when participating in this social network you will know how the marketplace of this digital product works and it will be an incentive for people to be encouraged to invest, learn about these projects, discover how your favorite artists participate in this market, and it can even help with specific causes.

We Are Going to Give More Value to People

However, not everything is showing off, because although social networks are the ideal place to show our new acquisitions, we can also make them more human, so the vision of Perception Face is to give greater value to people and leave a powerful social footprint.

For this reason, we have a long list of NGOs with very varied causes, so that whoever acquires an NTF on our platform can have a positive impact on the real world.

Moreover, we are not just a simple collections sale, we are more than a free digital product market that you can have, because we give a high benefit to our transactions allowing you to help good causes, and the acquiring user is who chooses which cause they want to help with before making the NFT purchase.

There is another very important aspect that we must highlight, regarding the contribution of the digital art purchasers available in Perception Face. It is the form of donations disbursement done to social causes through the NFTs purchase, since the donations made are delivered immediately to the NGO selected by the buyer, with no waiting time or delivery conditions, thanks to the smartcontract.