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June 1, 2022  • 

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Nowadays the metaverse has taken over social networks and it really is the new way of interacting in virtual reality that is recreated for users, which brings us closer to that future, and a few decades ago, was only seen in science fiction movies. Therefore, at Perception Face we are building the future of metaverse interactions, through a unique universe that we have created for our platform users.

Our metaverse has been designed for a community interested in the NFTs market; therefore, our universe will undoubtedly be the best place to interact with other investors, art lovers, NFTs experts and newbies. In addition, perhaps the most relevant, will be the interaction you can have with artists and celebrities who join the Perception Face metaverse.

Surrounded by People With a Lot in Common

The Perception Face metaverse is a varied space made up of a city built by its own users, along with a place dedicated to music, another space dedicated to sports and an arena for events, the latter being the ideal place to make launches and meetings with celebrities and their fans.

We have made a unique place, based on buildings that we will organize together and that will grow according to users' transactions, so users will be able to build their life there, have their own building and go through each space.

This way, we will be able to establish a closer approximation of users to their artistic preferences, artists and celebrities than ever before.

Discover Everything You Can Do in The Metaverse

We want this space to be a new reality for our users’ life, so we have planned each place as an entertainment and art center.

Here you will find many options for interaction and entertainment; here the user goes through each city and the arena with his avatar. Our spaces are:

Hope City

This is Perception Face's city, from here, our marketplace will operate with an artificial intelligence algorithm that will allow users to discover collections and connect with others based on their tastes and interests.

Everything that is in The Foundry will also be available in Hope City. Users can even buy, have their own avatars and enjoy the stories of our characters in the metaverse. That is, you will enter the universe of our characters and you will find them there, and you will be able to interact with them in different spaces for fun. This city is a true escape of continuous entertainment.

Meta Music

From here, the best music celebrities’ users and fans will be able to enter the buildings that the artists build. Live meetings will also be possible in the metaverse, since, the artists have the possibility to give concerts, to offer their latest productions, to publicize their projects and to connect closely with their followers or fans.

It is a unique connection between the artists and their fans. It will be the perfect place for an artist to show their story and their record productions can be downloaded. They can develop digital merchandising for the same metaverse and other fan interaction activities.

Meta Sport

It is the sports city, the meeting point for sports celebrities and their fans. It is designed for users to live close experiences with their favorite athletes, since they will have their buildings there, which the user accesses with their avatar.
Fans will be able to learn about the eccentricities of these stars when it comes to buying NFTs and their market share. They will be able to chat with these sports celebrities and be as close to them as they never imagined before.

The Arena

This space is for special events and launches. It will be the ideal place for artists and celebrities to let users and fans know what is new in different areas, be it film, theater, music, even to present new NFTs collections.
It is a place to meet. Here, real distance does not matter, because here you can do live events with millions of people together who interact from anywhere in the world, with no barriers, limitations of space or capacity.

NFTs are The Keys to the Metaverse

To access our universe you only need to purchase an NFT and from then on you will be able to enjoy each space. At the same time, the user will gain new access to the metaverse, because as they buys more NFTs, the action possibilities of their avatar will increase.

It is an escape from the real world to a universe of entertainment and solutions in the NFT market. It is a unique benefit and a possibility of interaction for those who make a transaction with these digital assets